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Summer double-breasted.

Jason Basmajian of Gieves & Hawkes:
“Art and fashion both reflect culture and the mood around us. They are powerful because they communicate ideas, demonstrate creativity, exhilarate, provoke thought, or allow you to just revel in their respective beauties. Both are extensions of personality, yet deeply individual and subjective. Sure, anyone can buy ‘good art’ but anyone can also buy into fashion, especially if they have the money. However, what is really important is an individual’s sense of style. This is what comes naturally, it informs our choices in both worlds and is a reflection of how we see ourselves and showcase this to others. Style is a code on how we lie our lives and want to be remembered.”

Murasaki Shikibu: Why she kicks ass
She was a Japanese novelist, poet and lady in waiting at the Imperial Court during the Heian period.
Her novel, The Tale of Genji, is considered to be one of the world’s finest and earliest novels. Some argue that Murasaki is the world’s first modern novelist.
The Tale of Genji was a three-part novel spanning 1100 pages and 54 chapters, that is thought to have taken a decade to complete. 
Her writing is thought to be of great importance because it shows the creation and development of Japanese writing during a time when Japanese was shifting from an unwritten vernacular to a written language.
When she began at the courts she also kept a diary detailing her experiences from the period of about 1008 to 1010, you can read some excerpts here.